Growing up in the nineties, Bosnia and the former Yugoslavian union was not an uncommon subject of discussion. I grew up in the southern part of Denmark, where we had one of the receiving refugee camps, and grew up in a neighborhood where many lived. I had friends, classmates, and people around me who had escaped the war, and sadly some had family members who did not make it. It is still an open wound today, as the conflict rises from time to time, and the country is still recovering from the near past. While growing up, I always knew that Bosnia & Herzegovina was a Muslim country, simply from the people around me. However – I did not know much else about this region. All I had heard from my Bosnian friends were the traumatic experiences most of them had suffered from growing up, and I did not have any other reference point for the region.

One evening, as I was scrolling and answering messages on Instagram, I came across the question: “Why don’t you have any posters from Bosnia?”. I did not know how to answer that since going there had never crossed my mind. I knew of the Ottoman Empire and the cultural exchanges from that history, but not much else. I never thought about it as a place I could visit, but the person had a point. From Copenhagen, the nearest airport for me, there were direct and cheap flights several times a week. My photography and products are for the Muslim ummah as a total, and there are many Muslims in Europe with Bosnian heritage. I felt very ignorant for never having thought of visiting the country, which I had heard so much about, yet knew nothing of.


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