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The Customer must be a minimum of 18 years old to order via the Website. does not, by Swedish law, accept any credit purchases to persons below 18 years of age. reserves the right to deny or change a Customer’s order (e.g., if the Customer has provided incorrect personal data and has any record for non-payment of debt). shall have no liability in case products are sold out nor for image or typographical errors on the Website, e.g., errors in the product description or technical specification, inaccurate prices, and price adjustments (such as changed prices from suppliers, change in currencies), or incorrect information with regards to whether a product is in stock. is entitled to rectify any such errors and, at any time, to change or update the information. Suppose an inaccurate price has been stated for a product ordered by the Customer. In that case, will naturally notify the Customer accordingly and await the Customer’s approval of the amended price before continues with the order process. All images on the Website shall be considered solely as illustrations. Such illustrations do not guarantee reproducing the product's exact appearance, function, or origin. is not responsible for any information by third parties provided on the Website.



Products in stock are generally delivered within the number of working days set forth on the Website. Unless otherwise agreed (e.g., in connection with the reservation of products not in stock), delivery will be made no later than 30 working days after has confirmed the order in writing through the order confirmation. Further information about’s delivery of products and the conditions for delivery are set forth here.


The expected delivery time is outlined in the order confirmation and on the current product page on the Website. Unless otherwise expressly agreed and if a delivery is delayed for more than 30 working days and it is not due to you as a customer, you are entitled to cancel the purchase.


If any package is picked up at a specific delivery point, the Customer shall do so within the time specified in the notification. Packages shall typically be retrieved personally with valid identification and order number. The Customer will receive a message of delivery stating when and where the package shall be picked-up or received. The information may be made by e-mail, ordinary mail, and if the Customer has provided a mobile number, phone, or SMS. is entitled to charge the Customer a penalty fee of 19€ if the package is not retrieved.




When purchasing products on the Website, the Customer has a 14 day withdrawal period by applicable consumer protection legislation. This means that the Customer has the right to cancel any purchase by notifying accordingly within 14 days from when the Customer or its representative received the product ordered (withdrawal period).


By accepting the General Conditions, the Customer acknowledges and agrees that the right of withdrawal is not valid for any digital content delivered otherwise than by a tangible medium.


In connection with ordering a product for which the right of withdrawal does not apply, the Customer will receive clear information. If a product has been sealed, the Customer may not break the seal if the Customer wishes to utilize its right of withdrawal. The right of withdrawal ceases accordingly when the Customer dies the seal. A seal shall also include any technical seal (e.g., serial number).


If the Customer wishes to withdraw a purchase, the Customer shall send a clear message to in the manner set forth here before the expiry of the withdrawal period. The Customer shall provide its name, address, and other relevant information, e.g., order reference, invoice number, and the product's name in the message. Suppose the Customer prefers not to use the above alternative notice. In that case, the Customer may use the standard form for the right of withdrawal provided by the National Board for Consumer Policies or any other equivalent authority in their respective country.


Suppose the Customer uses its right of withdrawal. In that case, the Customer shall pay for the return shipping costs and is responsible for the product's condition after the Customer has received the product and during the return shipping. The product shall be returned within 14 days from when was notified of the withdrawal. The product shall be sent well packaged, in good condition, and its original box and packaging. Any returns shall be sent to by the methods and directions set forth on the Website, which you can find here. Depending on the destination, customers may be subject to additional charges to receive their package. Such costs include Customs & Duty charges, VAT/local taxes, etc. The fees above are the sole responsibility of the customer/buyer, even in forced return, i.e., before the parcel is delivered to the customer. If you require more information, please promptly contact our customer service.


When the Customer withdraws its purchase, will refund the customer's amount for the product, NOT including shipping costs. is entitled to deduct an amount from the amount to be repaid, which corresponds to the depreciation of the product compared to the original value of the product, if and to the extent such depreciation is due to the Customer having handled the product to a greater extent than necessary to determine its function or characteristics. will pay back the amount without undue delay; however, no later than 14 days from the date received the Customer notification of withdrawal. However, may delay repayment until has received the product or the Customer has provided proof that the product has been returned, e.g., using a delivery certificate. Refund will be made to the Customer by the payment method chosen by the Customer, unless otherwise agreed or any objection for such a repayment.




Some of products may be subject to warranties. Information about any warranty period and special conditions for each product's warranties are set forth on the Website or in these General Conditions. Warranties for products will only cover original manufacturing defects and accordingly not any fault arising upon or after any individual changes of the product’s function and appearance, e.g., rebuilding, upgrading, or other configuration of the product. The Customer’s order confirmation constitutes the certificate of warranty.


According to applicable consumer protection legislation, the right to file a complaint applies to defective products. Any Customer who wishes to assert their right to file a complaint about any product ordered shall contact as soon as possible after the defect was discovered, using the contact information set forth on the Website.


Once a product for which a complaint has been filed is returned and approved, will refund the Customer in compliance with applicable consumer protection legislation. strives to do so within 30 days from receipt of the complaint by, but it may be delayed depending on the nature of the product. reserves the right to refuse any complaint if the product, in compliance with applicable consumer protection legislation, proves not to be defective. Upon complaints, complies with the National Board for Consumer Complaints guidelines or the corresponding authorities in other countries.


FORCE MAJEURE is not liable for any delays caused by circumstances beyond’s control, e.g., general labor dispute, acts of war, fire, lightning, terrorist attacks, changed governmental orders, technical problems, defects in power- /tele-/computer communications, or other communication and defects or delays in the service by sub-suppliers due to circumstances set forth above. Such cases shall result in relief from damages and other measures. If any such situation should arise, shall inform the Customer accordingly both at the beginning and the end of the period for the current situation. If the problem has lasted for more than two months, both the Customer and are entitled to terminate the purchase with immediate effect.




Any disputes shall primarily be settled by agreement after discussions with customer services. In the event of any dispute, complies with the decisions of the Swedish National Board for Consumer Complaints or the corresponding authority in other countries.